Friday, 30 March 2012

Numero uno

What is a void?

It's a good question

I thought about a bit while I was walking home drunk from my farewell on the foreshore.

It's dark, like the night sky. It's something that needs filling. It isn't space, it isnt like a dark star that sucks everything even though a void could be a vacuum. A void is what it is. A void is dark, something that stars take the edge off. No a void is what the traditionalist say it is. A void is a good kick up the pants (something to do with suction and centrification but I'm no physicist) .

A void tells you that something is missing.. you need to get out there and fill it.

My name is Trevelyan, and I have lots of voids. Over the next couple of days I'm about to go and kick one of them in the arse. After that, there'll still be voids, and over the next six months or for however long this blog will go on, I'm sure I'll spot a couple of them. The void that I'm filling? I'm not too sure.. hopefully I can work it out on this trip. Voids are kind of like that, it's hard too see them. You know somethings there, or rather, somethings not there, so if you fill it then you know the satisfaction will come. I guess I know there's a void because I can already feel some satisfaction purely by setting myself down this path.

The path? The path is long.. 6 months long.. 3.5k.

I'm kind of rambling because I'm drunk from my farewell, which is always an auspicious start to any tale.. or trail. A first post is always hard to broker so it's always good to get it out of the way.

What this trail/tale will include...
lots more pseudo psychology
lot less drunkeness
lots of sociological assessment of Americans

follow at your own risk


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