Monday, 2 April 2012

Surreal Sydney

I guess this is officially the first post of the trip seeing as the first one was more of a drunken ramble after I'd got home from the farewell bbq.

Soo.. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to do this blog, but I think it will be along the lines of once I find a computer I'll relate all the things I can remember since the last update. So I guess this blog will be a bit of a timeline detailing the accessibility of intenet cafe's from the Appalachian trail!!

So what's happened since the bbq? Well a lot of cleaning.. the unit is that clean I almost wanted to stay a couple more days to mess it up and give it a more humane edge. In between cleaning,I went for a hit of golf with Mark and Lee. They told me off because I didnt mention them in the last blog (or Dawn either) so I'm making sure I mention them straight away for prosperity. While I'm in the mentioning mood, I might as well mention that I won the round.. hit a 42 and Lee despite making a bet back on Cup day didnt throw his golf clubs into the lake (Thats Leigh Considine for posterity).
I enjoyed the round, it was good to catch up with the boys and relax as everything had been gogogo for the last week. It did mean that I had early beers.. and that led into later beers as a few people came to visit before I headed off. Soo by 1130 I was half cut but fully packed, fed and cleaned so I decided to walk to the airport.

It was fairly humid.. in fact it was really humid so I ended up walking topless and sweated non-stop. By the time I got to the airport, my feet were killing me and somehow I have managed to get a carbuncle like
rash on the inside of my knee, I'm guessing where my shorts were rubbing. Once I got onto the plane I collapsed into fitful sleep and slept with my legs in a weird position so once I'd got off the plane I was practically hobbling and exhausted.
"Great" I thought "Walked 5 kays with a pack and I'm already broken". Luckily Lee (thats 4 mentions!!) had told me there was a Formula One motel near the airport and all I could think of when I got my bags was to find it and crash. I found it.. slept for three hours then woke up to cancel a run with Meg (if you read this sorry.. wanted to go but couldn't) then went back to sleep for another 4 hours.

After waking up the second time, I felt a lot more human and after a bit of a stretch, clean and treatment felt like maybe I will be able to do this walk. I then opened the window to see a "Krusty Kreme Donut" shop across the road which I thought was fairly humorous seeing as it felt like America was reaching out to me.

So what to do?? 24hrs in Sy--der--ney with no real responsibilities. First stop coffee (but no donuts), then I found the train station and headed into town with a brief mental list of finding an internet cafe to get this blog rolling and maybe to find some new shorts (which dont rub). Got off the train at circular quay walked across to customs house and made fleeting eye contact with one James Packer.. hows that for freaky. I dont know what the word for it is.. maybe something like iridology where you look into someones eyes and get a feel for their character/current emotions. Well as a amateur iridologist, I would say that James has strong eyes (kind of officious) and there was definitely some nervous tension in them. So if you've got any stock in Foxtel  SELL NOW..
After my hobnobbing with the rich and famous I walked around inner Sydney. I found a mall that went forever and had like 5 stories, a camping store that wanted to sell me shorts for $100 and a bridge next to a shell like building where everyone either took photos or jogged around.
I finally found an internet cafe (pretty much back where I had started) so all in all it's been a good recovery day and now I just need to find something for dinner and then it's off on the next stage :)

Till then, may all your bridges have 8 lanes


  1. You played golf without me????!!!! Out RAGE ous.

    Good luck with the walk Trev. Hope you've got a good blister pack and look forward to the updates on your bloggy!


  2. Only one mention for me ........ What's Leigh paid you for the Considine adoration? Have a safe trip - enjoy every moment & come home with some amazing tales!