Friday, 6 July 2012

DC Collective

Well... It's been a month since my last confession..
I know I was going to try and keep the blog updated as possible but circumstances dictate..
One of the main reasons for my lack of correspondence has been that I've been traveling with someone else. This means that the limited time I do get to spend in towns I haven't had much of a chance to get onto the computer, and the limited time I've got onto one has been taken up either checking mail or organising logistics.
Be that as it may, unfortunately I won't be able to do much of an update now. I am currently in Washington DC, capital of the great US of A, epitome of 1st world opulence, the epicentre of humanities scientific progress and can I find a computer for more than 15 minutes?


Well that's a bit of a lie, the George hotel doesn't have a time limit, but it charges $6.95 per 1/4 hr.

That unfortunately is the way of America.. if you don't have your own laptop, tablet, bookreader, smartphone or other miscellaneous device that uses wifi, you are off the interweb grid.
Still I can use this computer in 15 min doses until I get chucked off so I'll try and do some update now

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  1. About time, we were worried that you had fallen off the trail. Good to see you back again and we have missed your postings!

    Gai and Graham