Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Unfortunately, I can't really see myself updating the blog much anymore. I lapsed on it when Suzanne was here and am so far behind that it seems a bit irrecoverable. The main reason however is the lack of computer availability.
A lot of the computers I've come across have limited timeslots with a waiting list of hikers wanting to check email or upload photos.
Sometimes (like right now), I can find a library where I can actually sit down and type a few e-mails but library hours are usually the best walking hours and not every town (there's a lot of small ones on the trail) have a library or their hours are irregular and sometimes the library is a 2-3 mile walk from the center (American towns are built for cars)
That and early on a found a lot of computers in hostels and motels. That was in the southern states where accommodation prices were cheap so I was quite happy to stay at a motel and use the computer there after hours. Now I'm in the northern states the prices have skyrocketed and on average the prices have doubled and in some places tripled which means that my cheapskate personality rules that I don't spend nights in towns and my access to computers has drastically reduced.

I don't really want to do blanket updates because for me most of the fun/good stories are in the small details and when you do big updates you miss those ones out .


  1. That's ok. Just concentrate on the walking.

  2. No, it's not ok. I think you should finish what you started. Don't stop the blog (and more descriptions of the birds you're seeing!)