Monday, 16 April 2012

Fabulous Fontana

Hey all, back in from the well sunshine.
I know the short last post I had complained a little about the weather but the truth is that I've been blessed with beautiful weather pretty much the whole trail.
Apart from the cold mornings and the one misty day, it's been constant sunshine and I've even had a chance to wear my 'wife beater' (blue singlet) on numerous occassions.
Once again I may be pressed for time on the computer. I'm currently at Fontana Lodge a beautiful (and well spaced out as only Americans can) lodge at the base of the Smokey mountains. There is one computer terminal at the guest lounge which I'm monopolising and seeing as I'm not even a guest I dont know how long I will have it for.
As for the shape of this blog I'm kind of thinking that I'll keep updates on where I'm at as I come across these computers with limited access and then do big writeups when I find a machine that I can spend some time on.
The plan for my next week is well the 'Smokey Mountains'. There's only one town on the way (Gatlinburg) and I dont know if I'll drop into it so I've bought up 7 days worth of food and have set my sights on Hotsprings (which has a library with computer).
So there is a good chance that you wont hear from me in a week but I'll try my best to make up for it once I hit the 'Springs'

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