Monday, 16 April 2012

Trail Magic...shazam

Trail magic...
What is it?
It, as I found out 2 days ago is the magical moments when you come across people that just want to help hikers in any way they can.
Trail magic could be a lift into town and then as an incident that happened to Sketch the driver gave him $20 to go and buy lunch with.
A more common version of trail magic, and it's a kind that happened to me twice in the space of 10 miles is when people set up a bbq on the trail and feed the hikers as they come past.
On the 14th, I was happily in my own little dreamworld when I came across a bbq complete with tents, chairs, fire and a full breakfast spread. It was set up by the local baptist church (unfortunately I didn't get their name) and they were serving eggs cooked to order, bacon, biscuits and gravy, fruit, chocolate cookies, brownies and most importantly.. coffee.. everything a hungry hiker could wish for.
Of course I gourged myself and chatted away until I was full and moved on to a chorus of farewells and 'god bless'.
Oh.. as an aside, how do you answer 'god bless' as a non religious person. I mean I feel like a bit of an impersonater saying 'god bless' back seeing as I dont believe in god but you want to answer with something in a similar vein.. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.
Anyhows (I'm learning yankee) I walked along the trail until I came to a section where it crossed a dirt road and there was a couple of guys setting up a bbq for more trail magic. 'Red Man' had done the trail in 2010 and the other guy his son had done the AT with Red Man and the PCT (Pacific Crest trail) in 2011 and they just wanted to pay back the trail magic they had received.
So of course I had to sit down and eat away. Their fare was a little different to the baptists in that it contained beer, wine, and moonshine (my first taste) but I love the concept of trail magic.


  1. Maybe you can pass on the Trail Magic via your book? Looking after your mail etc here.

  2. I find fairy wishes and butterfly kisses is also nice to pass on to people, though perhaps not all that masculine